WTPF participates at virtual Exhibition at CIFTIS 2020

Hosted by the digital platform of China International Fair For Trade In Services, World Trade Point Federation established the 2D and 3D electronic booths, and invited 55 institutions from more than 20 countries to register for the exhibition, such as Spain, Malaysia, Hungary, Ukraine, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Russia, Chile, Nepal, Finland, Brazil, Thailand, The United States, Republic of Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Georgia, The Republic of Croatia, Nigeria, Italy and so on.

In addition, 21 overseas service centers, 34 other enterprises and institutions participated. The exhibition established 47 2D booths and 20 3D booths, uploaded 448 items on display, published 25 information of trade points, 36 brochures, 57 videos and 21 projects information.

Then, the world global geographical indication online forum made great efforts on introducing brand raising of geographical indication products and promoting achievement of poverty alleviation. Beijing International Economic and Trade Development Association construction committee organized 14 enterprises to attend the exhibition and published more than 60 information of exhibits.  The committee organized 5 live activities for enterprises to show their booths. The Spanish art delegation ZONA201 participated in the exhibition for three consecutive years, nearly 50 bronze sculptures were displayed on this online exhibition. Topics in Focus from CCTV had an exclusive interview with Zona201 delegation, and they shared their experience and expectations of participating in China International Fair For Trade In Services.