“UNCTAD invites all actors in trade facilitation and efficiency, whether public or private, to assist the WTPF in its undertakings, thereby helping enterprises to have access to a wide range of service that will strengthen their capacity to participate on a more equal basis in the international trade market.”Trade Point Review 2003

Rubens Ricupero
Former Minister of Economy of Brasil and former Secretary-General United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

“It’s a privilege to have been invited to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador of the World Trade Point Federation and to disseminate the aims and activities of this expanding global trade-facilitating organization. Being involved in the formative stages of this ambitious network is equally a challenge and an opportunity to support SMEs in the five continents of the world”.Trade Point Review 2003

César Gaviria
Former President of Colombia and former Secretary GeneralOrganization of American States

“In striving toward a common trade facilitation infrastructure for Trade Points wherever they are located in the world, the WTPF provides an impetus to increased trade among SMEs that is otherwise not easily attainable”.“Trade Points are platforms for bringing e-commerce to SMEs and also contribute to the achievement of a Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations”.Trade Point Review 2003

José María Figueres
Former President of Costa Rica and former Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Information and Communications Technologies

”Ever since its creation, the World Trade Point Federation, has been a steadfast partner of UNCTAD in promoting trade facilitation and helping to bread down the barriers to international trade for the small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)”.“The WTPF has worked hard to develop the linkage, striving to improve SME access to digital technology and encourage electronic trade”.Trade Point Review 2006

Supachai Panitchpakdi
Former Vice Prime Minister of Thailand and former Secretary General of UNCTAD

“The WTO members will no doubt be happy to build on the experience that their governments have already gained through the Trade Point system, in enhancing transparency as well providing information with the aim of improving access to markets.”Geneva, February 19, 2003

Roderick Abbott
Former Deputy Director-General World Trade Organization

“A good example of UNCTAD partnerships involves the World Trade Point Federation. As an NGO, the Federation has successfully pursued the work launched by UNCTAD’s Trade Point Programme in 1992. Since the programme’s transfer to de Federation in November 2002, a close relationship has been maintained and strengthened through the signature in April 2004 of a Memorandum of Understanding between UNCTAD and the Federation”.Trade Point Review 2004

Carlos Fortin
Former Officer-in-Charge UNCTAD