The World Trade Point Federation (WTPF) is an international non-governmental organization established in 2000 according to Swiss Law and registered in Geneva, Switzerland with the main objective to take over the management and development of the innovative Trade Point Programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Through a global network of trade information and facilitation centres, known as Trade Points, and an extensive platform of e-trade desks, the WTPF assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in over 70 countries worldwide to trade internationally through the use of electronic commerce and information technologies.


The mission of the WTPF is to become a global e-trade facilitator and trade information provider for SMEs, particularly those in developing and Least Developed Countries, through its unique human network and local know-how combined with its global e-business platforms.


The General Assembly is the highest organ of the WTPF. It meets annually to decide on the overall plan of action of the Federation and to determine its policies, rules and regulations. It also provides a forum for Trade Points to share their experiences, discuss future joint activities, and receive up-dates on new information technology trends and other trade-related developments. The General Assembly comprises representatives of active members (fully operational Trade Points) and associate members (Trade Points under development and e-Trade Desks).

Executive power in the WTPF lies with the Steering Committee and its Bureau, which are responsible for running the organization and supervising the everyday activities of the Secretariat. The members of the Steering Committee are elected to represent proportionately from five regions: Africa, the Americas, the Arab countries, Asia/Pacific and Europe.


Being a member of the WTPF adds prestige and value to the services offered to Trade Point customers. Newly created Trade Points automatically become members of the WTPF, enabling them to open up business opportunities for their clients and strengthen their position in the market.

Benefits include:

Access to centralized services provided by the WTPF and its content partners.

      1. Privileged access for Trade Point client companies to specialized business, market and investment information from more than 90 WTPF member countries.
      2. International visibility of Trade Point clients on the WTPF’s web portal via inclusion in the GTDS database (global company directory).
      3. Access for Trade Point clients to a unique Electronic Trade Opportunities (ETO) system enabling them to post and receive business opportunities free-of-charge.
      4. Unique possibility to benefit from the expertise available within the framework of the Global Trade Point Network and to learn from the experience of other Trade Points.

Opportunity to develop joint projects with other Trade Points in the regional Trade Point forums.