Trade Point Reviews are a series of publications describing the status of Trade Points and of the Global Network of Trade Points, the stage of their development, their institutional and legal characteristics, the services provided to the business community, the degree of interconnectivity; review the effectiveness of the electronic trading opportunity (ETO) system; detail UNCTAD’s and the World Trade Point Federation’s contribution to the development of the Programme; and identify major shortcomings in the development of Trade Points and prospects for the future.

Various official documents were issued by UNCTAD to assess the pioneering nature of the Programme set up by UNCTAD in 1992 and to the Programme’s original objective of assisting SMEs, in particular those in developing and least developed countries, to trade more effectively using information technologies.

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The United Nations library collects UN documents and publications through a special arrangement with the Dag Hammarskjöld Library. This link allows you to access the official documents reporting on the implementation of the Trade Point Programme, World Trade Point Federation Activities, Progress Reports by the UNCTAD Secretariat, Evaluation of Technical Cooperation and Annual meetings reports.

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