Message of the President

Welcome to the website of the World Trade Point Federation. It is my pleasure to give you an introductory overview on what this global organisation, with a unique global mandate stands for, on its vision and mission and the values that it upholds. WTPF offers a unique and trustworthy platform where SMEs worldwide increase their visibility and participate actively in e-trade, a place where digital identity and reliability of information is guaranteed, a hub for knowledge seeking and sharing, knowledge development and transfer. The website reflects the various priority areas of work of the Federation and the specific tools and activities we offer.

WTPF is the only truly global NGO born out of an innovative programme of UNCTAD, with a global reach through a physical network of local entry points named Trade Point and e-TradeDesk. With its historic connection with UNCTAD, it strives to fully play its role and assume its responsibility to promote the participation of SMEs, the true backbone of many economies worldwide, to e-trade in a trusted environment, thus contribute the development of sustainable and fair societies.

I am pleased to invite you to explore all that we have to offer, to stay connected and contact us or one of our network members in your country or city. Highly experienced professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in taking advantage of all the facilities we provide for doing business in a trusted virtual eco-system.

Bruno Masier

WTPF President