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Guyana Office for Investment



To contribute to Guyana’s economic development by promoting and facilitating local and foreign private-sector investment and exports in accordance with the country’s approved investment and export strategies.

Guyana’s vast tracts of productive land present enormous opportunities for growth. Indeed, agriculture already represents a significant proportion of Guyana’s domestic production (approximately 25 percent of GDP). Guyana’s manufacturing industry contributes about 4 percent towards the country’s GDP and employs approximately 12 percent of the population. Traditionally, the manufacturing sector has been dedicated to the processing of traditional agricultural products (e.g. sugar, rice), forest products and minerals (bauxite, gold and diamonds), basic consumer items, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals for local consumption. While these traditional manufacturing activities remain important, there is a growing interest to expand value-added, export-oriented manufacturing industries:

    • Garments and apparel manufacturing
    • Value-added/manufactured forest products – furniture, flooring, doors, plywood, veneer, etc.
    • Agro industries – processing, canning and bottling of agricultural produce; fertilizers and insecticides
    • Packaging – manufacture of packaging materials and containers for transport of finished products
    • Leather craft – manufacture of leather products and souvenirs
    • Ceramics – manufacture of articles constructed of clay, kaolin and silica sand
    • Construction Materials – stone, cement, clay blocks, tiles, glass, glass products and machining.


1. e-Trade ID

Access to the e-Trade ID introduced to bring a higher level of security to all parties involved in a transaction. A digital identity bringing a unique credential that can be used to access to WTPF services.

2. Electronic Trade Opportunities (ETO Trust)

Provides access to the ETO Trust system of WTPF, which allows certified SMEs to post and receive selling and buying leads of products and services of the member companies of the Trade Points and e-Trade Desks.

3. Trade Research

Undertakes market research for entering into new markets.

4. Trade Mission Visits

Logistical support and meeting arrangements for trade missions for member companies.

5. Trade Information

Assistance to members in their various trade information requirements.


Address: 190 Camp & Church Streets, Georgetown. Guyana

Phone: (592) 227 0654 or (592) 227 0653 or (592) 225 0658

Email: /

Working Language: English

Manager: Uchenna Gibson