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Status: Development 

Trade Point Senegal

  Dakar, Senegal


Trade Point Senegal aims to be a service platform using internet technologies, a place for meetings and training, a vehicle for the dissemination of economic and commercial information in all their diversity and complexity in order to promote best practices in trade and business.

Trade Point Senegal carries out the following activities:

  • Development of electronic commerce in Senegal;
  • Promotion of exchanges using new information and communication technologies;
  • Promotion of trade facilitation by simplifying trade formalities and procedures;
  • Facilitation of access and dissemination of economic and commercial information.


  • Administrative and financial supervision: Ministry of the Economy and Finance
  • Professional organizations members of the Foundation Board:
  • National Union of Traders and Industrialists of Senegal (UNACOIS)
  • National Council of the Employers of Senegal (CNP)
  • National Confederation of Employers of Senegal (CNES)
  • Gathering for Support for Female Entrepreneurship (RASEF)
  • National Union of Chambers of Trades (UNCM)
  • Union of Chambers of Commerce of Industry and Agriculture of Senegal (UCCIAS)
  • Dakar Chamber of Industry and Agriculture (CCIAD)
  • Autonomous Port of Dakar (PAD)
  • Economic Grouping of Senegal (GES)


1. e-Trade ID
Access to the e-Trade ID introduced to bring a higher level of security to all parties involved in a transaction. A digital identity bringing a unique credential that can be used to access to WTPF services.

2. Electronic Trade Opportunities (ETO Trust)

Provides access to the ETO Trust system of WTPF, which allows certified SMEs to post and receive selling and buying leads of products and services of the member companies of the Trade Points and e-TradeDesks.

3. Trade Research

Undertakes market research for entering into new markets.

4. Trade Mission Visits

Logistical support and meeting arrangements for trade missions for member companies.

5. Trade Information

Assistance to members in their various trade information requirements.


Address: Km 2,5 Boulevard du Centenaire de la Commune de Dakar

Phone: (221) 33 839 73 73


Working Language: French



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