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Status: Operational 

International Observatory for Foreign Trade (OICEX)

  Madrid, Spain


The International Observatory of Foreign Trade (OICEX) is a Madrid-based non-profit entity created with the purpose of studying, promoting and generating actions that facilitate trade in goods and services within the Ibero-American Community of Nations.

Trade Point Madrid is hosted by OICEX. To fulfill its objectives, the following activities are carried out, alone or associated with third parties in Spain or abroad:

a) Carrying out and creating sector studies, databases and any other content on commercial information;

b) Implementation and development of international cooperation programs;

c) Organization and participation in fairs, exhibitions and conferences

d) Creation and management of networks and platforms for regional cooperation in the different fields of international trade;

e) Develop and manage efficiency and commercial facilitation programs and projects that improve the international insertion of companies, especially small and medium-sized companies;

f) Carries out consultancy in the field of concern for Multilateral entities, Governments and Public or Private Institutions;

g) Develops training programs that develop and improve skills in various trade-technology related fields;  and

h) Undertakes the preparation of outreach materials such as magazines, publications, etc.


1. e-Trade ID

Access to the e-Trade ID introduced to bring a higher level of security to all parties involved in a transaction. A digital identity bringing a unique credential that can be used to access to WTPF services.

2. Electronic Trade Opportunities (ETO Trust)

Provides access to the ETO Trust system of WTPF, which allows certified SMEs to post and receive selling and buying leads of products and services of the member companies of the Trade Points and e-Trade Desks.

3. Trade Research

Undertakes market research for entering into new markets.

4. Trade Mission Visits

Logistical support and meeting arrangements for trade missions for member companies.

5. Trade Information

Assistance to members in their various trade information requirements.


Address: Velázquez, 18, 6°, 28001 Madrid, España


Working Language: Spanish/ English

Manager: Andrea Quintana (Ms)



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