Become an e-Trade Desk

e-Trade Desk reflects the new approach of the WTPF to today’s challenges SMEs are facing in the digital economy environment in general and international trade in particular.

Although small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent the vast majority of firms worldwide, their participation in international trade remains limited in relation to their share in overall economic activity and employment as compared to large firms. The rise of the digital economy could, however, open a range of new opportunities for small firms to play a more active role in global value chains.

…and here comes the important role that e-Trade Desks play as part of a physical network of prestigious institutions and local government authorities at global scale, whose mission is to support SMEs to trade within a trusted ecosystem built on certified business data.

e-Trade Desks represent the Access Centres to an e-trade Program and its platform developed by the WTPF and a Hub for the promotion of cross-border e-trade tools. The e-Trade Desks provide two main centralized services:

– Certified Digital Identity – e-Trade ID – to SMEs intending to operate internationally and to take advantage of new opportunities and new customers across the globe
– Access to the Electronic Trade Opportunity (ETO) Trust System

In addition and in response to the local needs of the SME community, an e-Trade Desk is providing a series of value-added services.
e-Trade Desks are hosted by trustworthy and accredited entities which are bound by a legal agreement with the WTPF, following a code of conduct and specific rules regarding their activities within the Federation’s network.